JAX Chemical Company has been manufacturing metal finishing and polishing solutions for over 40 years. JAX Chemicals are used in the lighting, furniture, decorative hardware and stained glass industries. Artisans and craftsmen rely on JAX for restorations, reproductions and current work. Jax is specified by architects and builders for interiors, exteriors and roofs. JAX products are easy to use and produce authentic, consistent results.



We have a special team who are well versed with the handling and shipping of requirements chemical products, so our customers are not hassled with the paperwork!


Jax has a wide variety of products from Patina and darkening Solutions to coatings and supplies.

Please click here go to the JAX store for the product range. 

Price’s for orders outside the US are NOT the same as displayed on the online Shop. This is because of shipping, taxes and in some cases paperwork required. Please request a quote on the link below for an order. All quotes will have a clear break down list. 

@ vitrocoat we are transparent in our Pricing!

JAX Metal Finishing and Polishing Solutions

  • Produce authentic, consistent results
  • Are safe and easy to use
  • Require no heat or electricity
  • React within seconds
  • Are non-flammable
  • Are water-based
  • Are fully guaranteed

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